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The Virtual Cone Pendulum
The main purpose of this page is to introduce a tool to measure the Orgone fields around an object, a person or a location. A secondary purpose is to introduce some of the findings associated with the research for this tool.

In the 1940's a team of French scientists made some stunning discoveries concerning energy qualities. I will expand on this later, but for now I will introduce a tool they designed to further their work called the Virtual Cone Pendulum (VC).

This very accurate and simple scientific pendulum was designed and calibrated by the French researchers A. Chaumery and De Belizal in 1954 to be used for detection and measurements in what they called 'Microvibrational Physics'.

The device is made of 3 parts, a rod, a disk and a string with 1 to 3 knots or beads. The disk slides on the rod to define 12 positions. Each position is named after a colour, but it actually defines the higher harmonics of that colour, which we could simplify into the "Quality" associated with that colour.

You can see on the diagram that the angles made by the disk correspond to the angle of the respective colour beams from a glass prism. This is how the tuning is achieved.

To compensate for different users, a second virtual cone is created by the surface of the disk to the point where the string is held.

A coloured bead or knot indicates the correct point to hold the string for accurate readings. There are can be up to 3 beads or knots. The closest to the device is the best to use for our purpose (shortest string length). The others are harder to use and are in harminic positions anyway, so they do the same job, but may be needed for advanced research.

This device is activated by the energy quality of objects, sounds, colours, voices that you focus on. These can be close to you, like an orgone device, or far away, like a mountain top. It does not matter. You can close your eyes and focus on a sound, a person's voice or silence and see the qualities hidden there. The key is where your focus is. You can listen to a symphony but focus on the violin for example, then it will be the violin that you are measuring.

How to detect Orgone:
Orgone can be detected under 3 settings:
  I for Indigo

  UV for Ultra violet and
  G- for Negative green.
A response on all 3 settings means good clean Orgone is present.

Some things which do not produce Orgone will also produce some combinations of these energy qualities. But the presence of all 3 is a sure sign of the presence of good Orgone. It also demotes holy sites, power spots and very beneficial locations or artifacts.

Start testing on I (Indigo), then at the end, do a check with UV and G-, just to confirm that you did not get fooled. The G- measurement takes a little longer to respond.

Setting up the device:
Make absolutely sure that the disk is inserted with the lip at the top, and that the bottom of the disk has the flat side.

Insert your thumb nail in the grove below the I (Indigo) then lower the disk gently to rest on your nail. Make sure the spring loaded ball does not rub on the numeral as they would get scratched.

When the disk moves, you may feel a click when the spring loaded ball falls in a groove, but this is not the correct position. The spring loaded ball is only there to prevent the disk from falling off when you are not holding it.

The bottom of the disk should now be level with the groove where you nail is. You will then be able to see the letter I through the clear acrylic.

You can find a training video on U-Tube by a gentlemen called Anayat here
part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzIKYtflHQI
Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMnyDWZq1fw

Holding the device:
Hold the string by the knot closest to the device. Hold the rest of the string curled in the palm and secured by the other three fingers.

This is very important because we have a resonant device here, acting as an antenna, and you do not want to have stray influences affecting your response.

You may hold it with your left or right hand, it is more a question of comfort.

Suspend the VC over the object or space to be tested or focus on the object if it is further away. You do not need to think anything at all. A blank mind is an advantage at this stage. Give the VC a push so that it swings into a straight back and forth movement. This is the Search Position.

If the VC detects the energy quality set by the position of the disk, it will rotate Clockwise. The amplitude of the swing and the rate of rotation show the intensity of the energy in that location.
The pendulum will respond to what you are focusing on. It can be a sound, an object or person or even a distant mountain top.

If the VC does not detect the energy, it will stay in the Search Position with a back and forth swing.

Important: If the pendulum rotates anticlockwise, it means you are holding the string in the wrong position, or the disk is not located properly, and the result is uncertain.

Developing your skill :
Place a piece of red paper on a table (Fire brigade red). Set your VC to R and focus on the colour (not the paper). swing teh pendulum gently forward and back to make it easier to respond. Wait for your body to register the energy quality of RED. Your pendulum will rotate clockwise once red is detected. Then Try setting it to G+ and focus on a piece of green paper. Of course it should not respond if set to R while focusing on a green paper.
Practice for a little while, after a day or two your body will have learned. Sometime it only takes a few minutes for it to learn to respond.

Measuring field areas
You can hold the VC over a HHG for example, and focus on the HHG
- Wait until it responds by turning clockwise.
- While focusing on the HHG move slowly away backward. The VC will continue to rotate
- When the VC stops rotating and goes back to the Search Position, you have reached the far edge of the Orgone field.
Bear in mind that as you become more sensitive you may detect the edge a little further out as it actually fades gradually.

What else can you do with the VC
It is a remarkable research instrument. You can use it to check for Higher Harmonics of Gold in people's voice, in music, in objects.... Remember that the G- is the spiritual carrier wave. Higher Harmonics of Gold, G- and UV will all be present in the relics of saints, in holy places, in religious buildings (at least the old ones) and in power spots.
It can also be found in spiritually aware people, in Gregorian chant, in some classical music and other things.

It will be present in TB's and HHG, and most other Orgonite device, but not all. If Orgone is not detected in a device there are 2 possibilities:
1- The device a not working and no actual Orgone is generated. I have seen a few of these great looking devices with crystal and copper pipes which were totally dead in spite of they look.
2- The device is using a different principle than Orgone. For example the SafeSpace devices use Holographic Polarization which works really well to protect from EMF, but do not generate Orgone.

Now you can verify this for yourself.

If your VC does not seem to work
Then you will need to start with the basics of dowsing. You may want to read the document testing your crystals on the CB page. There are some good simple tips in it. It would be time well invested and it will not take too long.

Want to know more
For those curious about the theory behind the Virtual Cone pendulum and about the effect of these energy qualities on yourself and our society, visit the How it Works page


Virtual Cone Pendulum

Now available from Vesica.

Needs to be strung and calibrated.

See instructions and manual here


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