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      Orgone  energy  makes  you  feel  good !

The name Orgone, was given by Wilhelm Reich to an all pervasive energy, which he discovered (or re-discovered) in the 1930's. He spent his life studying the behaviour of this energy, its effect on humans, nature and the cosmos.

He built many devices to capture and control this energy. He found that Orgone appears in 2 varieties, beneficial and deadly. He called them respectively OR and DOR.

He invented and built Orgone generating devices for healing, weather modification and simply to make people "feel good". They have not been widely used because he was persecuted and his books destroyed at the time.

There is a revival of his work in progress, his books have been reprinted and are now available on Amazon.com
. Dr James Demeo has written additional literature on how to build and use orgone generators and other devices, also available on Amazon.com

Recently a way was discovered to make a safe and inexpensive Orgone generating material called Orgonite. This material produces only beneficial orgone (OR).

Carol and Don Croft found that, if you insert specific crystals in the Orgonite, the crystals concentrate and clear the energy. They transmutes any deadly DOR present, into beneficial OR automatically producing a consistant "good energy"
field around them.

The healing properties of products made of Orgonite have personal and planetary applications. Different shapes and configurations are used for different purposes (Cloud buster, HHG, Harmonisers, TB, Terminator, Succor punch).

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