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Stop the negative effects of EMF in electrical wiring and toxic water lines at the source!

Electric and water lines carry more than energy and water: they can also carry dangerous electromagnetic fields and toxic patterning. Our Energy Strip is designed to provide EMF protection quickly and effectively. Placing a strip on the source of the electrical or water in an environment sends a harmonious flow of life enhancing energies into the entire area. Once your lines are treated with the SafeSpace Energy Strip, the toxic effects are neutralized, and the electricity and water will emit a coherent, polarized energy pattern that supports a calm, clear and healthy environment. Range: radiates a transformative field throughout electrical or water


Circuit Size: 2.5cm x 10cm

EMF Protection for:

  • Pipes with electric wiring
  • Fuse boxes
  • Circuit breakers
  • Pipes with telephone wiring
  • Surge protectors
  • Water pipes
  • Main cold water line

Using the Energy Strip

Each adhesive–backed strip is imprinted with a vibrational program that lets it set up a coherent energy pattern to "repolarize" electric and water lines in an environment. Transform electromagnetic field interference from the main wiring in your home or office simply by placing one Energy Strip on your circuit breakers (fuse box). Installation instructions come with the strips. Once installed, the transformation starts immediately! We recommend one EMF protection strip for your water source and one for your power. The Energy Strip can be placed directly on the water pipe where it enters the home; this reduces toxic EMF’s and increases the life force in your water.

Why Electric Wiring?

Harmful electromagnetic fields from the 60 Hz AC current of the electrical wiring that runs between the walls can emanate harmful EM radiation 1–2 feet out from the wall. Using the Energy strip on the main circuit breaker or fuse box resolves this toxic health issue. The SafeSpace Energy Strip will convert the EM radiation running through the wiring of your home or office and help to create a soothing stress free environment making appliances plugged into the electric sockets safe to use. Use on circuit breakers: The Energy Strip radiates a harmonizing field at the source of the electric wiring that counteracts and transforms the toxic effect of the electromagnetic pollutants, harmonizing the electrical current running through walls.

Why does our water need EMF protection?

There are two issues with water pipes; the first is electromagnetic radiation. The fact is, water pipes can be a major source of EMFs due to nearby power lines that are poorly grounded. The other issue has to do with the water itself, which is often biologically dead due to its passage through toxic energy fields of all kinds as well as the toxins in the water itself. Even when the water is purified by conventional methods, the energetic imprint of toxic substances is still present. When we bathe in or drink EMF polluted water, it has a weakening affect on the biosystem. The SafeSpace Energy Strip is designed handle both issues, clearing EMF toxins in the water and making the water safer and healthier to use.

Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation from a power strip inhibits the electrical properties of DNA. In an independent laboratory study, the SafeSpace Energy Strip not only reversed the damage but improved the DNA.

The SafeSpace Energy Strip more than completely (110%) reversed the damaging effects from power line radiation. Thus, not only did the Energy Strip bring the biological system back to normal values (control values before exposure to power line radiation), but the conductivity values were enhanced above normal.
    Quantum Biology Research labs