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Mobile Phone Chip

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Phone chipOur laboratory-tested and clinically proven smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize cell phone radiation, and WI FI devices, without affecting reception. The SafeSpace Smart Patch features a non-electric metal substrate hologram encoded with frequency information that interacts with and influences EMFs, effectively protecting you against their harmful effects. The coded hologram is encased in a clear plastic tab with an adhesive back. Place it on the back of the phone or other device. Works immediately.

Size: 15mm
Range: radiates a 4cm field, needs 1 chip per mobile device, comes in pack of 2

Converts harmful cell phone radiation to safe EMFs

A must on mobile phones, WI FI devices and Smart meters

For use on all types of wireless handheld devices:

All cell phones, smart phones, ipods tablets, WI FI Routers, bluetooth cordless phones, Smart meters and more..

Peace of mind for wireless and mobile phone users

Cell phones emit potentially dangerous radiation from the antenna that connects to the cell tower signal, the phone circuitry and battery. The most intense radiation occurs when your signal is being sent or received (dialing and ringing). But the continuous EM radiation from wireless phones turned on has been shown to cause serious health effects, even when the phone is sitting in your pocket. Earphones and speakers don’t eliminate the dangers. 

Proven Effective in DNA Testing

Since the 1950’s, it’s been known that heat shock unwinds the two strands of DNA. As the DNA cools, it recovers by rewinding into an intact double helix.  

EMFs from cell phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on DNA rewinding. In fact the cell phone energy was so toxic to the DNA that it not only prevented the natural rewinding process, it caused the DNA to further unwind.

Independent laboratory testing showed that the detrimental effect was completely neutralized when the SafeSpace patch was attached to the cell phone In fact, normal rewinding was enhanced when the DNA exposed to neutralized EMF from the cell phone with the SafeSpace attached. More about testing.