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History of Brown's Gas
A Bulgarian emigrant to Australia called Yul Brown discovered in 1972 that by electrolysing water with pulsed DC electricity, without separating the Oxygen and Hydrogen, a new form of highly charged, electrically expanded hydrogen was generated. This new form of hydrogen has very special and unusual properties.
Yul Brown passed away in 1998 but other people have continued his research to find out more about this gas and its uses, particularly George Wiseman of Eagle Research in the US.

What is Brown's Gas?
Brown's Gas is a combination of molecular hydrogen and oxygen with the addition of highly energetic, electrically expanded water generated in a specially designed electrolyser.

What does a Brown's Gas machine look like?
The ER-60
This machine is based on the ER50 kit from Eagle-Research in the USA. The kit is assembled in Australia and converted to 240v. It delivers 60 litres of gas per hour. Unfortunately, this machine cannot be shipped. It must be picked up from us.

The NQ-40
This machine entirely made in Australia and can be shipped interstate if required. It delivers 40 litres of gas per hour.
It is very rugged and robust, has a much larger tank than the ER-60 above, and is very simple to use.


What can Brown's Gas be used for?
See Nexus magazine issue December 2017-January 2018 ' The Extraordinary Healing Powers of Brown's Gas' (page 45) and Nexus February-March issue ' Energised Water' (page 57) for the theory and additional references.

Enhancing Health: This is our topic here.
Brown's Gas can be used to enhance health by breathing the gas, and by drinking the highly charged water created by bubbling the gas in a bubbler. The energised water thus obtained can also be used topically on the skin. The gas can also be applied directly on the skin with an applicator.

Brown's Gas generators are used extensively in China and Taiwan in "health bars" where people come to breathe the gas for 30 minutes and drink the energised water.

Welding: Brown's Gas can be used to weld different metals together which cannot be welded any other way.
You can run your hand rapidly through the flame as you could a candle. The flame adjusts itself to whatever it is focused on. Brown’s Gas can cause tungsten to sublimate (go from metal to vapor with no melting). This requires a temperature found on the surface of the sun (5,900º Celsius), and yet your fingers may be less than an inch away without experiencing a burn from the flame.

The flame changes temperature depending on its reaction to various materials. You can even weld and fuse glass or steel to a brick.

Radio-active waste neutralisation
When used on Cobalt 60, Brown’s Gas eliminated 96% of the radioactivity in under 10 minutes. Either the mixture can be refined or the time can be increased to be more effective. Americium was reduced by 99% in under 5 minutes.

Our real concern here is to use the gas for enhancing health.

How does it work
Oxygen and electrically expanded hydrogen are generated by applying a pulsed DC voltage accross stainless steel plates immersed in an electrolyte, usually a solution of sodium hydroxide. The gas is generated accross the plates and directed to a reservoir where the water vapours can be removed and re-cycled. The gas is then bubbled in water with very fine bubbles.
The bubbler fulfills 2 purposes - to prevent any flash back, and to energise the water.
The gas can then be used as required.

Brown's Gas for Health and Longevity:
The ultimate aim is to produce energised hexagonal water in our body. There is no better way to acheive this than to inhale Brown's Gas. Inhaling Brown's Gas tends to have a strong effect on the water in our body and with this, on our energy level.





Accessories included with both systems:

Spare tubing and connectors


Skin applicator


2 x Nasal canullas


Some YouTube videos, Brown's Gas for health:

1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sGk9Q7bABA
2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyBruUJTyas
3- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TthkzHBqmzc
4- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfBNNbhO3Sc
5- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u07KmV4-jSk

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