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Nuke Buster

Nuke BustersProtection against Radiation

What is a Nuke Buster (NB)?

A NB is looks like a Tower Buster (TB), basically a block of Orgonite containing several crystals and treated with multiple processes to help protect from the effect of radiations. It works equal well with radioactivity, Electromagnetic, microwave or geopathic radiations.

The Nuke Buster is made differently from the Tower Buster, has multiple layers.
The first layer is thin. It has been 'light activated' with green structured laser light, shone through a holographic georesonator pattern.
The second larger layer contains the crystals, metal particles and some special additives.
During curing, the resin is exposed
to Slim Spurling's Environmental Harmoniser activated by sound frequency patterns.
After curing, sanding and cleaning, the Nuke busters are placed in a rife machine and are exposed to a set of 10 harmonic frequencies for 100 minutes (10 minutes for each frequency).

The Nuke buster also contains a special protection pattern.

The NB contains 4 types of crystals:
  - Clear quartz crystal (processes DOR within the Orgonite material)
  - Amethyst (absorbs negative energy impacts like earth quake)
  - Rose quartz (protection and healing of the emotional body )
  - Malachite (aid in the regeneration of body cells, was used as talisman in ancient times to ward off danger and illness)
In addition some high quality Australian Clinoptilolite Zeolites powder is added to the resin to help protect from radio-activity, particularly radioactive Cesium.

How does a Nuke Buster work ?
The Nuke Buster helps to neutralise the harmful effects of DOR (dirty orgone) and Vertical Negative Green, a powerful radiant energy generated by radioactive material.

The dangerous part of any radiation, particularly radioactivity is called "Vertical Negative Green" (see the Learning More section for more information on what Negative Green is). The Nuke Buster will convert and transmute this detrimental Vertical Negative Green into beneficial energy.

Can I measure the effect of a Nuke Buster with a Geiger counter?
No, there are no electronic instruments yet to detect Vertical Negative Green. However you can measure it by dowsing with a Virtual Cone Pendulum see the Measurement page.

The Vertical Negative Green is what makes radioactivity dangerous.
After the Vertical Negative Green has been reduced or removed by the Nuke Busters, the radioactivity will still be present and can still be measured, but the armful component is reduced or removed depending on the amount of radioactivity and the number of Nuke Busters present in the area.

How to use the Nuke Busters?
We recommend to use 5 Nuke Busters per room, particularly where people spend a lot of time, like bedrooms and in offices. Place them on in each corner of the room, and one somewhere towards the centre of the room. They can be hidden, or buried if needed and will still work.

NB's are effective in protecting against the effects of radioactive exposure by balancing the Vertical Negative Green wave emitted by radioactive particles.

They come a pack of 10
in various colours



pack of 10


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