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The dangers to humans come from invisible parameters affecting the quality of the environment, like exposure to Geopathic Energies, Earth Grids Radiations and Electromagnetic Radiations. Their net effect if to generate the detrimental Vertical Negative-Green (V-G) which is harmfull. We will explore each one of these here:

Geopathic Stress
The most common cause of geopathic stress is underground water, usually due to an underground stream flowing beneath a house, or a road. The water rapidly flowing through rock gives rise to an electrical field which can affect the health of those living above. it may also carry minerals or pollutant energies from nearby garbage dumps, electrical transformers, Power stations etc.

Geopathic stress can also arise from underground geological fault lines (like a deep cracks in the bedrock), which allows radiation from deep within the earth to come up to the surface. It can also be a pressure line where continental plates move against each other. These energies carry unbalanced emissions of V-G. Often dis-embodied entities use the locations where these energies are located. These locations often contain the carrier waves which allows them to stay in our realm (remember -G is a carrier wave, a communication medium between realms).

These situations are aften found at 'black spots' on roads where unusual number of accidents happen at the same place. Clearing the energies will remove the black spot.

Earth Grid Radiation
The earth is a living being, with its own lines of energy, a little like acupuncture meridians in humans. These lines form multiple grids on the surface of the earth.
The most well known are:
Ley lines (lines of spiritual energy)
Hartmann grid lines (yellow emanations)
Curry grid lines (red emanations)
Benker grid lines (yellow emanations)

Ley Lines
Ley lines are lines of high spiritual energy used since the prehistorical times. They cross at highly energised locations, usually marked by places of worship (where pilgrims have come for centuries), stone alignments, or holy wells.

On the left is a photo of Mont St Michel, in France where the Apollo and Athena Ley lines cross. I have drawn the location of the lines over the photo. You can see in red the Athena Ley line and in blue the Apollo. They meet inside the original chapel, now buried below the more recent cathedral. This amazing place, called Notre Dame Sous La Terre, can be visited on request. More on Ley lines.

Some of these ley lines have been corrupted by passing through modern technological areas, but at least in Europe, most are experiencing a renewal of attention and activation, particularly after the work of Hamish Miller in re-discovering their locations and effects. People praying at these locations seems to affect the line and energise it to the extent that the energy pattern of the next node is affected.

We do not know if these lines existed prior to sites being built on the earth, or if the creation of the sites generated the lines. In many instances, the sites were built at the request of angelic beings like Archangel Michael. This is the case at Mont St Michel in France, at Mount St Michael in Cornwall and in Monte San Angelo in Italy, on the Apollo / Athena Ley line.


The Hartman Grid
Discovered by Dr Hartman, a German doctor, it is made of parallel energy waves rising vertically from the ground up to several miles high. In Australia the lines are about 10-15 cm wide and form rectangles of 2.0 by 2.2 meters. The width shrinks towards the poles. The lines are alternatively positive and negative, running at 90 degrees, north to south and from east to west.

Negative crossings irritate the nervous system and create rheumatic illnesses as well as undermine the immune system, if a person is exposed to it for long hours (ie. in bed or at a workstation).
As you can see from the picture, you have alternating double positive, double negative and mixed crossings.

The Hartmann Grid has been defined using the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang. The Yin (North-South lines) is a cold energy which acts slowly, corresponds to winter and is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism. The Yang (East-West lines) is a hot, dry rapidly acting energy. It is related to fire and is linked to inflammation.


The Benker Grid
The Benker grid is superimposed over the Hartman grid, it is found every 5 Hartman lines (every 10 metres approximately), to form larger box patterns with floors. The ancient were extremely accurate in their measurements, and it is thought that the leveling of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, for example, was done using the grid lines as levels. It generally carries more energy than the Harman grid does, is also wider and harder to balance.

Except for the Benker grif, these energy lines themselves are not seen as a problem, only the points where they intersect each other. As the lines are electrically charged, the intersecting points are either double positives, double negatives or one of each. When the intersections of several grid line are located at the same place, this location becomes very detrimental to human health.


The Curry Grid
The Curry grid was first discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmannrun. The lines run diagonally to the poles, they are about 3 metres apart, running at 45 degrees. This distance shrinks towards the poles. They are generally softer than the Hartman grid lines.

From his studie, Dr. Curry felt that the positively charged spots lead to a proliferation of cells, with the possibility of cancerous cell growth, whereas the negatively charged spots could lead to inflammation.



EMF Exposure
We have talked earlier about the Negative Green energy quality and how it contains 2 waves, one beneficial (Horizontal -GV) and one detrimental (Vertical -GH).
Unfortunately most of the electric and electronic technology our civilisation has developed so far, has very unbalanced emissions when the -GV prevails. Remember that the -GV is a carrier wave, so that it will find its way, via the airwaves, into all our television, radio, wifi, bluetooth and other technologies.

Our society is increasing the amount of carrier waves for our wireless communication every day into earth’s atmosphere. These electromagnetic waves are thousands of times stronger than the level used in our body cells inter-communications . The problem is not the saturation of the earth’s atmosphere through quantity, but the fact that these carrier waves have very penetrating properties. They can be viewed like spam (as in our email system) which interferes in the operation of our own cells communication system (the hormones)

As an example: when several stones are thrown into a pond, you see the various wave expending and meeting each other. At the meeting points you have a situation where each wave adds to the others, creating hot spots. Similarly, Electromagnetic hot spots exists around us, which are very detrimental to humans, to the point where people can become 'Electro-sensitive', a condition where the slightest exposure becomes noticable, unplaisant and may be even painfull.