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3 type of solution are generally proposed:

1- Blocking
2- Diverting
3- Balancing

This solution uses copper rods, copper coils, crushed calcite and other material to block the unbalanced energies from entering a house or property. The copper rods and copper coils are planted into the ground on the path of the energy to block its horizontal travel. These solutions work for a while, but after a period of time they start to impregnate and start emitting more bad energy than the original problem did. So this solution requires regular interventions.
The calcite crush is used as a layer deposited below a house for example. So far I know this solution is permanent.

The idea if to divert the bad energy to a place where it will not affect you. If your neigbours are very close, like in cities, this is not a very nice thing to do. Your neighbour may want to do the same to you later on.

This the best and durable method as you benefit from balanced energies around you, and they benefit others down the line. The tools producing this effect are created by people who understand the concept of the Negative Green and its harmful Vertical wave component. These tools transmute the vertical wave into horizontal, turning the exposure from harmfull to beneficial.
Because it does not take much energy to do this, these devices pack a lot of effect into small sizes compared to the radiation they are balancing.



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