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What do I need to protect my home?
This is a very commum question I get asked all the time. Let me give you an example to illustrate my point.
You want to go outside, where it is cold, but you do not know how cold it is. So you put a jumper on and go outside. If you still feel cold, you will come back in and put another jumper or a coat on, and so on until you feel comfortable. Every one has a different way of percieving cold, some people are not affected at all, othere are always cold no matter how warm it is or how much they wear. So we are all different with very different responses to exposure to EMF and earth energy radiations.

To make it simple I will give you some example of various protection levels

So....How much orgonite do you need for your home? As in our example start with a small amount of feel the difference.
You could start with a simple HHG placed in the middle of your home or flat. If it still does not feel right, get a pack of TB and sprinkle them around your home as well.

If you are concerned in protecting your entire property, try a set of 4 Georesonators. Though they work on a completely different principle, they are very effective and can cover a large area.
For your mobile phone (cell phone) a SafeSpace patch will do
Computers generate quite a lot of radiations over a broad spectrum of frequencies, a SafeSpace II will balance these very well. You could even keep one in your pocket so that where ever you go, that protection is there and it is a lot smaller than carrying a TB around.

Orgonite works in a particular way by drawing DOR and turning it into good Orgone. Safe Space technology works by using holographic templates to re-structure energies. Basically thgey both transmute the armfull Vertical Negative Green into beneficial Horizontal Negative Green, they just do it in a different way, that is all.