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What is a Cloud Buster?
A Cloud buster is a powerful orgone generator. It is a safe way to help balance and harmonise the atmosphere around your location.
Selected clear crystals are inserted in the base of each of six copper pipes tuned for maximum resonance. The pipes are immersed in Orgonite made of polyester resin and a mixture of metal particles and pyrite.

What effect can I expect?
The effect is to shoot the Orgone towards the sky. It can affect an area several kilometers wide and reach above the cloud level. The pipes can be extended with an additional 6 feet section, to reach the upper atmosphere.

It will help dissolve the Chemtrails, fog and pollution. Remember they have a cumulative effect, so the more Cloud busters around, the better the weather.

I do not make Cloud busters for sale anymore...
But I am happy to help anyone. I have compiled a number of helpful hints and instructions in pdf files. You will find some of them bellow. More will come in time.
Cloud Buster Templates
Testing your crystals
Construction instructions

CB in Park

This is an enhanced Cloud buster.

The orgonite is entirely made of pure copper shavings.

Each tube is surrounded with a Power coil of 1/4 cubit size.

A special holder can support a Succor punch for added power.



I cut 2 plywood disks, and varnished them to holds the pipes in the correct alligment at the base and top.

Whilst not stictly necessary at the base, it does add to the stability and nice look.

It is certainly necessary to allign the top of the pipes nicely.

Without it they might not all point exactly to the same direction due to the little bit of play in the connectors at the bottom.


The top plate is held in position with little teflon inserts in the holes of the wooden plate.

That way the plates and pipes can be removed for transport to another location.



The screws at the bottom (right of image) hold the pipes above the bottom of the bucket.

The clips hold the bottom template against the caps, preventing it from moving.

The top template (on the left) can be slided up and down to suit.

This design shows a centre pipe which I do not recommand at all. It makes construction much harder since you now have very little space to poor the resin and less space for the metal. So you are much more likely to botch the construction.

Better stick with a proven design, rather than improvise, particularly for a first trial.

Do not glue the crystals in the pipes. After it has rained on your CB, the pipes will fill in with water and the inside will become murky. This design allows you to remove the crystals, and clean them every now and then.

Its is quite possible that the copper wire does enhance the output, but I have not checked to verify this.

The other advantage of this system is that the crystals will go in last. You may find that resin may have dripped in the pipes if you have not been carefull.

So make sure to cover the top of the stubs with small plastic bags held with rubber bands, so nothing falls into the pipes during construction.



I do not supply Cloud busters anymore, but I will be happy to give advice should you build one.
Detailed Instructions are available here

Use steel pads for the metal and never pour more than 2 cm of resin at a time, as the resin heats up as it cures. It could crack or even burst into flame.

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