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Clear quartz crystals
These crystals are needed if you want to make your own Tower Busters, HHG or Cloud Buster.

We have both single points clear quartz crystals suitable for inclusion in TB's and double terminated clear quartz crystals suitable for HHG or Cloud buster. Our double terminated crystals have their polarity labelled on the crystal, so that you can make sure to orientate them properly in your HHG or Cloud Busters.

You will need one single point crystal for each TB. You will need 5 double terminated crystals for each HHG and 6 or more double terminated crystals for a cloud buster depending on the number of tubes you will be using.

The Double terminated (DT) crystals need to be checked for polarity. Sometimes they are actually 2 single point crystals which grew back to back. In this case both ends have the same polarity and the centre has the opposite polarity. They are not usable in a cloud buster, and are not quite as good in a HHG. They will be fine in a TB though. DT's are getting hard to get, so you will find that prices may vary fromtime to time.

The size of the crystals is not related to their energies. Just like humans, you may have a short strong man and a tall listless man. In TBs and HHG, you can use crystal of any sizes, it does not matter. In the Cloud Busters you are bound by the inner diameter of the tubes.


St Crystals

Pack of 10 good quality single point crystals


DT Crystal

Double terminated crystals, various sizes.

Specify tube diameter if you are using them in a Cloud Buster.

For other use the size does not have to match




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