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What is a Holy Hand Grenade?
This name was given by Don Croft to an Orgone device he invented, based on Wilhelm Reich's research, to purify energy fields (natural or man-made). The name comes from an old Monty Python movie. More information can be found here About Holy Hand Grenade

What do they do?
They transmute Deadly Orgone energy (DOR) generated by mobile phone towers and disturbed earth vortexes, into beneficial Orgone (OR) energy. The OR will affect the behaviour of people, animals and plants all around them. Watch your neighbours become more friendly, your dog will love it, and your pot plants will thrive. The balanced energies will help protect you from exposure to detrimental energies and provide a health promoting environment.

How to use them?
Place on in your house or flat. The best location is at the center of your living spave. You can also place one in your yard if your neighbours are causing you concerns. (Super HHG are also good for inside your house). You may need more than one if you are very close to mobile phone towers and any antenna arrays. You can also add some TB's around the building if the detrimental energies are strong or if you have become very sensitive to them.

You may also want to visit the Safe Space page if the EMF exposure in your area is very strong. or if you are exposed to computers for long periods of time.

How are they made?

HHGs are made of a mixture of resin and metal shavings called Orgonite. They are molded in several steps so that the placement of the crystals can be accurately set.

The top crystal is usually a large crystal. The bottom ones are usually smaller to fit in the available space.

When available, double terminated crystals are used. When they are not available, single terminated crystals are used instead. This does not seem to make any difference overall, as verified by dowsing.

Special frequencies are impregnated into the resin while it is curing, to enhance the beneficial effects. The HHGs have a hight quality finish, they are sanded, polished and fitted with rubber feet, before shipping.


Cone HHG
12-13 cm high, nice finish, various colours




Super HHG

Specially designed for the home

See the Super HHG page for more details



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