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What is a Zapper:
A Zapper is a small device designed to generate an electric pulsed current into the body.
Dr Hulda Clark
's research found that it is an effective way to kill all parasites, worms, unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body.

After years of research, Dr Clark came to the conclusion that practically all diseases are caused by a variety of parasites and the toxins they generate in the body.

What is a Terminator?: See images
Don Croft further developed the design with a method of relaxing the body's natural defenses against electric current using Orgone and field effects. He found that long periods of zapping are crucial in overcoming the more virulent parasites, such as Lyme disease and genital herpes. Orgone and the special design makes the Terminator comfortable to use for long periods and provides a gentle and progressive effect. Read more about Don Croft's design at www.worldwithoutparasites.com
and here.

Special features of the Terminator 2
Orgone material: in the form of a good size block of Orgonite provides healing energy
Neodymium magnet: helps increase the energy from the orgone material.
Mobius coil: organize and focus these energies so they penetrate deep inside the body
Natural crystals: provide a “smooth, calming” influence
Gold Energy emitter: provides additional beneficial energy

Contact with the skin is via silver (or copper) pads on the top of the Terminator. The pads can be cleaned easily with metal polish when they get tarnished. The silver pads on the Terminator 2-Plus do not oxidise.

What does a Terminator do? :
The terminator has several specific effects: the zapper effect is designed to kill the parasites. This effect is not localised, the device can be worn anywhere against your skin. It can be under your clothing , in your socks etc... and a localised field effect which has a beneficial effect when worn close to the affected area.
In addition the device has a "Feel good" effect. I often wear mine for days at a time, tucked in my sock, it just feels good!

Disclaimer: All devices offered on this website are experimental, they are not recognised by medical science. By acquiring one of these devices you are becoming a fellow experimenter. Please read our Disclaimer for more details.



Terminator 2-Plus

Manufactured in Australia to Don Croft's original design and specifications (with permission). The Terminator 2-Plus comes in a nice pouch, with a velcro strap, battery and instructions, ready to use.

The Terminator 2-Plus is fitted with pads made of solid pure silver for long lasting, corrosion fee use. The silver also adds to the beneficial effect.

Inside is a good size block of orgonite with a quartz crystal. The circuit includes Moebus coil, amethyst & garnet crystals, a powerful neodymium magnet and a special Gold energy emitter.
A red blinking light shows when the unit is operating.

The "Feel good" energy can be detected by dowsing with a pendulum.

This Terminator has a small output socket so that the electrical signal can be used for making colloidal silver or for experiments, for example to pulse a crystal.

TERM-2 Plus

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