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What is it:
A succor punch is made of a large clear crystal and handle containing a Zapper circuit. A moebus coil is wrapped around the crystal and the coil is pulsed at 15hz by the zapper circuit built into the handle. This arrengement produces a very strong protective healing orgone field
Special feature:
A bio-geometrical emitter is also built into the handle to enhance the output field by adding Higher Harmonics of Gold energy which is highly benefical to all life forms.

What can it be used for?
It produces a strong local protective field which can also be directed at a distance by mental projection. It is great to protect from nightmares. They feel really good to have around.

How do you use it?
Just turn it on for protection that is all you need to do. You can keep it in your car glove box or have it at your bedside at night.

For projection,
put your finger to the tip and project a mental positive image of healing or protection towards someone or some situation.

Additional features
All our SP's come with an external power connector specially design to allow powering from a mains power pack (from Tandy, Dick Smith etc..) or from our car kit shown below.

If you want to use a power pack you must get one with a DC output between 7.5 volts and 15 volts. Connecting the powerpack automatically disconnect the battery to save power.
Note: AC output power packs are not suitable.

A sampling of a few of our SP is displayed below

Design and colour of wire varies from model to model depending on shape and size of crystals


SP's are custome built around specially selected crystals and require a few days to complete


Another sample

Ruler is in centimeters, graduated length is 15cm/ 6 Inches


Another sample


Car kit for SP. Connects to your cigarette lighter socket.

Automatically turns the internal battery off when connected, to save power.



more to come soon
as I find more beautiful crystals



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