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The SAFE SPACE products are uniquely designed to clear and protect your living and work spaces. Now It is possible create stress-free areas by letting the SAFE SPACE products address noxious health draining electromagnetic fields (EMF) as well as other imbalanced energies in your environment.

The Safe Space products can be used to:

  • Neutralize imbalanced electromagnetic fields
  • Clear noxious geopathic zones
  • Create tangible change in the atmosphere
  • Clear negative thought form emmanations
  • Increase the sense of well being and clarity among individuals
  • Establish a more peaceful, stress free environments
  • Reduce stress and fatigue while working or traveling
  • Help induce more restful sleep
  • Enhance creativity and enjoyment of work in one’s environment

Studies demonstrate and experts report that these tools actually turn hazardous EMFs into beneficial energy for the body. The Safe Space devices transform electromagnetic frequencies to harmless fields that penetrate our bioenergetic field without being absorbed.

Each device comes with a set of instructions and background information

These products are available now, call us to order 02 9345 0771

Safe Space II
For clearing small areas in the home, the office, car and planes from EMF’s.
this device packs a powerful protective punch! The SafeSpace II is one of our most versatile products. Wear it, or affix it to anything from car keys to laptops to the travel bag.
Comes with a Silver snake chain as well as Black silicone rubber cord with a hidden pin-clasp.


in stock


Smart Patch comes in a pack of 2
Protects against all major types of wireless radiation. For protective devices to be most effective, they must address all frequencies emitted by cell phones: microwave MW, radio frequencies RF and extremely low frequencies ELF. The safespace™ successfully neutralizes all three destructive forms.

the smart Patch will transform the toxic emissions from your cell phones, Smart meter, Router and WI FI device and neutralise their negative effects.

A must to protect from Smart meter radiation

The pack contains 2 chips, so you can immunise 2 phones, or one phone and a WI FI device or smart meter.

In stock

Clear yards, parks, farms and neighborhoods from dangerous EMF’s.
Plant GeoResonators in a matrix around House, parks, gardens, offices and neighborhoods. They immediately resonate with each other infusing the treated area with a healing, life supporting energy field.
- Comes in a pack of 4


In stock

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